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What causes SDS drill breakage?

What causes SDS drill breakage?

When a user breaks the tip off an SDS drill bit, the blame is often placed on the quality of the drill itself or the toughness of the material being drilled. However, the condition of the SDS drill chuck is often overlooked.
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Alliance Metal Solutions - Testimonial

“We had a large fabrication project which required high precision with very low working tolerances. After processing and galvanising, a range of holes which required precise alignment fell outside of working tolerance. We were looking at a complete remake or arduous manual rework of the parts involved which would have incurred substantial cost. Thankfully, we came across the versa drive reamer bit which allowed us to accurately and quickly open up the misaligned holes to a point where they could function as intended. The Versa drive reamer changed a job that would normally take us a week down into a day. We would highly recommend this product for anyone working in the metalworking industry who is looking for an efficient and speedy way to solve a problem.”

Sheffield Group Delivers Cutting Tool Perfection.

We produce complete solutions in cutting tools through our extensive range of Sterling knives and blades, and in power Tool Accessories through the ever growing Alpha, Austsaw Maxabrase ranges. The team at Sheffield Group strive to exceed expectations in offering helpful service and advice to businesses throughout Australia along with practical solutions to solve any problems.


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