• Should I really invest in a good drill bit?


You buy a cheap drill bit and give it a handful of uses before throwing it out because it breaks. But no love lost, right? It was a cheap drill bit, and you had no expectations of it giving a top performance for the price you paid anyway. Besides you can just go down to the store again and buy another one.

So, if this process works just fine, why should you bother spending more money on a premium drill bit?

In this article, we will dive into cheap vs premium drill bits and hopefully convince you why it's worth buying quality, and what it really means to invest your time, money, and effort into something worthwhile.

What are the advantages of an economical drill bit?

  1. Cost Savings: The most obvious advantage to buying a cheaper drill bit is the cost savings. Cheap drill bits are typically more affordable upfront making them a pretty attractive option for individuals or businesses who are on a tight budget. 

  2. Disposable or Limited Use: Say you have a one-time project that requires the very limited or even single-use need for a drill bit that is only required to go through some soft wood, plaster or plastic. A cheaper drill bit would definitely be sufficient. In these types of scenarios, longevity, durability and performance might not be much of a concern for you and the idea of spending money on a more expensive drill bit might not be worth it. 

  1. No Regret Over Loss or Damage: Since you’re not spending a whole lot on a cheaper drill bit then you’re probably going to feel less regret if you end up losing or damaging one. This can be useful for when tasks have a higher risk of breakage or loss, and you don’t want to risk using a premium drill bit in case something bad happens.

  2. Beginner or Infrequent Use: If you're a beginner at DIY projects or you only use drill bits occasionally for odd jobs around the house, investing in a high-quality drill bit might not be necessary. Budget-friendly drill bits are definitely suitable for light, occasional use.

 What are the advantages of a premium drill bit?

  1. Longevity & Toughness: One of the most important features of a premium drill bit is the fact that it’s not going to give up on you after a few uses. While cheaper alternatives might get the job done for a short period, they are prone to premature wear. Comparatively, a well-crafted drill bit can withstand rigorous usage over time, making it not only more sustainable but a cost-effective choice in the long run. So, while they may be a little more costly upfront, they will be saving you money on replacements down the line.

  2. Enhanced Performance & Speed: A premium drill bit often comes with advanced, cutting-edge technology and improved designs which directly translate to superior and enhanced performance. These kinds of features can include specific split points that cut faster and reduce wandering, material compositions that extend life or special coatings that reduce heat and increase lubrication. Such features not only make your jobs faster and more efficient, but they also ensure that the results are consistent and uphold your quality workmanship.

  3. Precision & Accuracy: Quality drill bits are engineered with precision in mind because what matters more than maintaining the structural integrity of the workpiece? This is particularly important for jobs that require accuracy like woodworking and metalworking. The engineering and effort upheld within top-tier drill bits greatly reduce your chances of errors and ensure that each hole is drilled in the exact place it was intended for.

  4. Versatility: Quality drill bits not only come in a variety of different types and sizes, but they can usually tackle a wide range of materials and projects. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials and components in the drill bit fabrication, they demonstrate exceptional performance across various materials, like wood, metal, plastic, aluminium, or mild and heavy steel. This is, of course, dependent on the type of application, the thickness of the material and what the best practice advice states on the packaging.

  5. Reduced Risk of Damage: Cheaper drill bits can cause material splintering, chipping or even damage to the drill itself. High-quality drill bits are less likely to cause these kinds of issues, preserving the integrity of the workpiece, minimising any accidents, and ensuring safety.

  6. Professional Results: Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional tradesperson, using quality drill bits can elevate the quality of your work. The clean, precise, burr-free holes they create contribute to a more polished and professional end product.

  7. Gives You Confidence: Knowing that you are using reliable, top-tier tools can boost your confidence while you’re working. You can focus on the task at hand without worrying about whether the equipment will hold up.

While it might be tempting to settle for a cheaper drill bit, the long-term advantages of investing in a high-quality version are undeniable. The extended lifespan, improved performance, and enhanced precision all contribute to a more efficient and satisfactory drilling process. By considering the benefits of investing in a quality drill bit like Alpha, you can truly appreciate the value of investing in excellence.

Exploring Alpha's drill bits:

Alpha's range of drill bits are carefully crafted, prioritising performance, durability, and user satisfaction. Features such as fully ground M2 HSS raw material to enhance lifespan, incorporation of various split point shapes to minimise wandering and the diverse range of coatings for heat reduction and enhanced speed, distinguish Alpha’s drill bits from others on the market. Investing in such a product is not just a financial decision but a commitment to obtaining amazing results and a satisfying user experience.

To find out more about our drill bits visit our product page, or alternatively read our blog on the right drill bit for the right job.

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